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CASA to Build 'Håndværkskollegiet' - The First Dorm for the Trades

June 14, 2021

Fonden for Håndværkskollegier has entered into a turnkey contract with one of Denmark’s largest turnkey contractors and property developers. The dorm in Horsens will be ready in 2023.

Following funding from BRFfonden, Fonden for Håndværkskollegier is currently building three new dorms in Denmark to attract and develop the tradespeople of the future. On a 15,000-m2 plot in central Horsens, the first dorm for tradespeople will be built with room for 84 apprentices and offering unique workshop facilities and communal areas.

We are very pleased to have entered into a turnkey contract with CASA, whose considerable experience in property development and construction will ensure a high quality in the construction of Håndværkskollegiet in Horsens – a key priority for us. With its branch in Horsens, CASA has a lot of local insight, and we are looking forward to cooperating on this exciting project," says Kristian May, General Manager of Fonden for Håndværkskollegier.

The dorm will be built on the former state railways area and will become neighbor to the large campus site by Horsens train station where CASA is currently constructing educational institutions for up to 8,000 students. The dorm will therefore become part of the educational powerhouse that Horsens has quickly turned into. Together with two other dorms serving the same purpose, the dorm is to attract young tradespeople to enroll in programs in the various trades. This helps restore the prestige of learning a trade and continuing the Danish trade tradition.

Established in 2006 in Horsens, CASA has quickly become one of Denmark’s largest property developers and turnkey contractors. CASA has a green profile and with its ambition that at least 95% of construction projects must be sustainability certified by 2023, CASA’s philosophy directly addresses the sustainability strategy adopted by BRFfonden in 2020. The sustainability strategy serves as a basis for BRFfonden’s financing in general, but also for decisions regarding material and construction methods in connection with the construction of the dorms and previous projects.

We’re looking forward to a lucrative collaboration with Fonden for Håndværkskollegier where we will be able to apply our competences and help optimize the construction of Håndværkskollegiet in Horsens. It’s a project that is very important to us because of its sustainable profile and high level of quality. We’re pleased with the trust Fonden for Håndværkskollegier has shown us, and we’re certain that we’ll be able to create a project that the contract developer will be 100% satisfied with,” says Torben Modvig, CEO of CASA.

The construction of the project was initiated in August 2021 and will be completed in 2023.

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