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New Sustainable Urban District in Aarhus


700 new homes and 14,000 m2 of commercial and retail premises

Trælasten is the newest urban district in Aarhus, 1 km from central Aarhus and right next to cultural institutions (e.g. Godsbanen), residential areas (e.g. Ceres Byen) and green areas. The project, which broke ground in June 2021, has been developed in close cooperation with PensionDanmark and the Aarhus Municipality. Careful preparation is key during the development phase, involving focused citizen participation through consultations, public meetings and citizen-centric activities. This follows a network strategy that will add value to the development of the area.

Trælasten will consist of 70,000 sustainability-certified m2 divided into 80% housing and 20% retail and commercial premises. The object is for the housing, stores, offices to become DGNB Gold certified and for the urban space to become DGNB Platinum certified.
The project combines CO2 savings through mapping and recycling of materials for new building components. Focus is on recycling as many materials as possible from the existing buildings that are being demolished.

The street level will have small stores, workshops, cafes, communal offices and a green area. The first residents in Trælasten will move in at the beginning of 2023.


June 2021

Ground Broken

September 2029


Contact for information about the construction project

Peter Rosengreen
Director, Construction West

+45 75627900