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Mjølnerparken and Hothers Plads are Joined in a Comprehensive Overall Plan Involving Housing Improvements and Increased Security for Residents


503 family homes, 95 student homes, 43 senior homes, commercial premises and new communal areas

The conversion of Mjølnerparken is based on a comprehensive overall plan focusing on housing improvements and increased security for residents. A large number of physical initiatives are being implemented that, combined with other social housing efforts, should make the area more attractive.

The project comprises four residential blocks at Mjølnerparken and Hothers Plads, located in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

The renovation will be DGNB Silver certified and future-proof, well planned and varied housing types will be established to achieve a more balanced resident composition. Following the rebuild, renovation and new construction, Mjølnerparken will house 466 family homes, 75 student homes, as in-fill buildings between the existing residential blocks with new baths and kitchens. In addition, 16 commercial premises, communal facilities and laundry rooms will be established. All stairways and basements will be renovated, and the inner courtyards will be closed off to create enclosed ‘Copenhagen-style building blocks’. Hothers Plads will have a total of 37 family homes, 43 senior housing and 20 student homes as well as a communal house and an administration office.

The infrastructure will be upgraded by establishing new streets to create improved links to Nørrebro. The parking area facing Mimersparken will be converted into a coherent streetscape with parking along the residential blocks.

A new shopping street with convenience stores, retail stores and cafes will be established by converting the former ground floor apartments. When establishing the commercial premises, the room height will be increased in the former apartments, and the story floor structure will be lowered to provide level-free access to the street. The existing day-care facility will be extended with new premises in Mjølnerparken.

CASA’s residents’ coordinator will undertake the handling of residents in connection with temporary relocations and will assist the security team in connection with permanent relocations. The project is intended to create interest in leisure facilities and part time jobs that are to become an asset to the residents and the area. This is done by holding job days where the residents in the area are invited to learn more about the activities.

The construction was initiated in fall 2021 and is expected to be complete in summer 2024.


September 2021

Ground Broken

June 2024


Contact for information about the construction project

John Strands Petersson
Director, Renovation East

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