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Havnen 5
8700 Horsens

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A New Dorm that Reflects the Pride of the Workmanship


72 dorm rooms, workshops, principal’s accommodation and administration

Håndværkskollegiet in Horsens is to reflect the pride of the trades through high architectural quality and excellent craftsmanship. The project is built in cooperation with the private fund, Fonden for Håndværkskollegier (BRF).

The project consists of six buildings with 72 dorm rooms as well as workshops that are intended to inspire and further the students’ craftsmanship. The building will also have a principal’s accommodation and administration, covering a total area of 7,300 m2.

The focus on architecture is clearly seen in the eye-catching wooden structure under the roof and the CLT structures. The construction is expected to be DGNB Gold certified as well as DGNB Diamond certified for its architectural qualities. The construction project focuses on sustainability as evinced by the choice of materials such as recycled brick.

The project will focus on involving apprentices through cooperation with e.g. specialist contractors, the continuing education institution Learnmark and various technical training programs in order to inspire and involve young people.

The project is carried out as an open book model to ensure transparency during construction and openness towards the contract developer and partners. The cooperation is based on trust among the project partners.

The ground was broken on 25 October 2021, and the project will be complete on 22 September 2023.


October 2021

Ground Broken

September 2023



Contact for information about the construction project

Peter Rosengreen
Director, Construction West

+45 75627900