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About CASA

Ownership and Organization

About ActivumSG

CASA is owned by the sixth real estate fund established by ActivumSG Capital Management Ltd., which focuses on opportunities in European real estate that deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors. Since its foundation in 2007, ActivumSG's multi-disciplinary teams have looked across the capital structure to identify the optimal entry point to access compelling real estate themes before they become in vogue. Operating from five offices across Europe, its experienced local teams source opportunities across a wide range of sectors, unlocking real and lasting value through in-house asset management which they crystallize for investors through the most suitable exit. Aside from CASA, ActivumSG funds' other corporate investments include Dutch property developer VanWonen, the pan-European Odyssey Hotel Group and German elderly care home developer Carestone, in addition to various housing developments in Portugal and Spain.

Board and Management

Johannes Vielberth and David George Bannerman from ActivumSG sit on CASA’s board of directors. Jan Aarestrup and Michael Storgaard are part of CASA’s board of management with Torben Modvig as CEO.